Why You Should Upgrade to the iPhone 7

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As the release of the iPhone 7 approaches, the important question of whether or not upgrading to the newest version of the phone becomes more prevalent. Will the new design reimage the concept of a phone? Will it be faster? How much will the phone cost? Because we are as curious as you are, we decided to curate a list of why you should consider upgrading to the newest iPhone in September of this year.


The New Design
Every two years we have been given a new iPhone design. This means we will be in awe by Apple’s ability to create industry changing design once again and buy new iPhone 7 pro case. When the Apple releases the new phone, there have been rumors that suggest the new iPhone will a curved screen with no home button. Apple stated that the full panel screen will be sensitive enough to replace the utility of the contemporary home button. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure whether these rumors are true until the actual release of the phone. Realistically, the iPhone 7 will maintain a thinner design in comparison to the iPhone 6.

Innovation for Audio Listeners
Did you know the headphone jack has been used for over 50 years? As technology becomes more and more complex, it seems we become comfortable with certain technology. The iPhone 7 is set to change our system of listening to audio and music. The newest iPhone will no longer have a headphone jack. Instead, you will utilize the lightning port of the iPhone in order to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and videos. This technology is not new, but it has been slow to implement.

Higher Resolution
If you are a photographer, videographer, or generally enjoy photos and video, this feature is for you. The iPhone 6s maintains a 326 ppi while the new iPhone 7 will upgrade to a 1080p display. This is an upgrade of approximately 160 ppi. The clarity of videos and photos on the new iPhone will match the ability of many televisions.

OLED Display
Continuing upon the previous topic, the newest Apple phone will be designed with an AMOLED display. This type of material increases picture quality, battery life, response time, color space, and viewing angles. This means the overall quality of the visual components pertaining to an iPhone will be enhanced.

If you are still on the fence about buying a new iPhone this coming September, don’t worry! Wait till the phone arrives and try it for yourself. With a load of new features, it is sure to beat the capabilities of the current iPhone.

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