Why Is Instagram Immensely Popular as a Social Media Platform?

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The sole reason a startup like Instagram could reach a buyout of $1 billion in just 18 months is the fact that it caught on extremely fast and was incredibly popular. Everyone is interested to know the secret behind its success. Here are some of the top reasons why Instagram became an instant hit.

Instagram Involves Microblogging  

Microblogging is gaining immense popularity. Programs such as Pinterest or Instagram are becoming as vital to the bloggers as Twitter or Facebook, allowing fast, visual sharing of data or information in pictures and a few words. The inherent beauty or plus-point of Instagram is that it seems to resemble a mini blog post that leads to engagement and more social involvement and interaction.

Instagram Is Known to Be Social

Human beings are certainly social creatures and they thoroughly enjoy connecting to and interacting with each other. You would love to share your thoughts, tell others exactly what you seem to be doing, eating, seeing or even buying. When you share a picture via Instagram, you are not only communicating to your friends about what you are doing, and where. Instagram gives iPhone users an opportunity to instill a touch of creativity into their daily way of life. You get an opportunity to actually share a wonderful token of digital art.

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Instagram Is Absolutely Free

Agreed that Instagram has to be downloaded from your iTunes Store or Google Play store, in reality, all its photo-editing bells, as well as, whistles are available to all users completely free. Another huge advantage to Instagram users is the absence of advertisements that usually, end up cluttering up the Facebook screen.

Instagram Is Truly Instant

The latest version of Instagram loads super-quickly and in this digital era of everything instant, Instagram is truly popular. Now nobody has any complaints against Instagram for long loading times or clumsy interface.

Instagram Is Visual

You surely would agree that there could be nothing better to tell your story other than via a picture. Instagram was introduced as a fast, fun and wonderful way of sharing your life events with your friends via a series of interesting pictures. Take a picture with your phone. Then you could choose a particular filter for transforming the feel and look of the picture and then send to Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. Photo sharing seems to have been reinvented in a big way thanks to Instagram. Visit Instamacro for all your Instagram queries and solutions.

Instagram Is Real Fun and Incredibly Easy

Instagram is relatively very easy as it does not require any complicated help page for someone to understand how to get around. Simply snap a photo, edit and add a caption and share. You could like or comment on others’ posts. This is a pretty simple and manageable learning curve. Instagram is great fun for people as they are able to use borders, filters and special effects to dramatically transform any picture taken by them. Even people who are artistically-challenged are able to come up with fascinating pictures.

Instagram Is Truly Creative

While a simple status update on Twitter or Facebook about a recent purchase, could be really boring to read, if you illustrate the buy with a picture with a retro filter effect, it could surely become visually more appealing and it would give the user a golden opportunity to showcase his creativity. The best thing about Instagram is that anyone and everyone could demonstrate their artistic and creative sides to their friends. Simple, daily use stuff could be dramatically transformed into appealing works of art in just a few moments.

Instagram is chiefly a mobile platform unlike Facebook and arguably it is the best photo-sharing and short-form video sharing network. Moreover, with mobile usage becoming simply the most effective way of accessing the web, its relevancy particularly, as a favored social network is unmatched.

Author Bio: Paul Simons is a social media researcher who has been concentrating mostly on the incredible winning streak of Instagram. It is constantly winning more and more users across the globe. Paul has recently taken to blogging and loves to share his findings with his fans and followers. He recommends reputed sites like Instamacro for all your Instagram solutions.

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