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Why Having a Dedicated Hosting Server Is Good For Your Business

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Server hosting is essential for any business that maintains a presence online. There are basically two types of hosting available; shared and dedicated. Shared hosting is good enough if you are not much bothered about your online brand and don’t really want to generate customers through your website.

But if yours is an exclusively online business where the only way you can earn money is through your website, then there is no option left to you but opt for equinix in ashburn dedicated servers. Here are some advantages of having dedicated server for your website.

Unlimited use of server resources, no sharing required

In order to own a website, you will need to pay hosting services – inxy.com to host your website on their servers.  Renting a dedicated server is much more expensive than shared hosting, but the advantages are well worth spending money on. The whole server is yours, so your website’s performance won’t depend on the whims of other websites. Complete use of resources is a noticeable advantage of dedicated servers.


Reliability & Performance

The fact that the resources of the whole server are dedicated to your website makes a huge difference in performance. Equinix in ashburn dedicated servers ensure that you never run out of resources. Server downtimes will be non-exist ant. Businesses that choose a managed dedicated server won’t even have to take on the burden of managing their servers themselves as the hosting provider will do that for them.

Very secure servers

In shared hosting, breach of security is a real problem. The hosting provider will no doubt try their best to keep everything safe but due to the format of shared hosting itself, some security threats cannot be avoided. Given that there is no risk of you sharing space with spammers or malicious websites, you don’t have to worry about being sabotaged. With dedicated hosting services – inxy.com, you will receive regular security updates so that your website stays safe from even the latest security threats.

Customizable and flexible

You have access to every part of its features, and your host will be able to do as you wish, dedicated web servers are the most customizable and flexible option when it comes to web hosting.

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