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What to do if you fail to Log into Your Netgear router?

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When you are unable to do a proper Netgear router login, you are unable to change your network settings. This can suggest an issue with your net connection. The main wireless and security settings on your web network are controlled by the Netgear menu. It is essential for you to be capable of accessing it, if required. You can reduce downtime and make your network more secure if you know how to fix a problem in accessing the Netgear menu.

Menu access

As a Netgear user, you can enter the menu similar to a conventional web page. You can do this by opening up your own browser window and type the IP address into the URL bar. If this fails to work, use the address instead – which is used by a few Netgear devices. You may also try the alternate method of visiting to access the menu. The username is “admin” and the pass key is “password” for the menu by default. For security purposes, you may think about changing the login details.


Check the connections

You need to check the connection to your router, in case it fails to respond. Start by disconnecting any USB connections that your router can have or any external modems. In case you have a wireless connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect to your router and test again. Also enter the Command Prompt and manually type in ipconfig to check whether the network adapter of your computer has been given an IP address by your router. In case the IP address of your adapter starts with “169.254”, or is displayed as “”, your adapter and router are not in communication.

Reset Router

You can also try to reset your router in case of a Netgear router login failure. This will restore the router to its original settings and remove numerous configuration issues. Most of the Netgear routers come with a reset button at the bottom or back side. Use a paper clip to push this button and release when the power light begins to blink. In case this is unsuccessful, disconnect power to the router and re-press the button. Keep the button pressed and reconnect power, holding down the button for around 20 seconds.

Solve Browser issues

Netgear router login failure can also arise due to browser problems. If possible, use some other browser to access the Netgear menu. This will let you know whether or not the issue is only restricted to a particular browser application. In case of issues with a single browser, retest after deleting its temporary files and cookies. If this fails, reset it to default settings or re-install the browser.

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