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What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the modern revolutions in the realmof hosting. A secure vps offers the user every benefit of owning a dedicated server, without making them pay a cumbersome monthly bill. If you have a started up with a website, or require a better server support and reliability, a VPS might be the right solutionfor you.

How does this technologyoperate?

VPS technology enablesseveralusers to share the costand hardware information of one physical server, sans the lack in performance. A single physical server is divided into individualsections. The server can then accommodate up toseveral VPS accounts that run independent from each another.

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Every VPS is assigned a substantial portion of all server resources including the following:

  • Hard Disk Space
  • Processor Power
  • Memory/RAM
  • Network Access and capabilities

After a particular server is divided into different VPS accounts, each VPS can then operate independently without getting affected by the other VPS accounts present on that physical server.

Advantages of VPS

There are several benefits of having a secure vpsas compared to a shared hosting, which are as follows:

Privacy or Security – Each VPS is stand-alonefrom others on a server to make sure that your websites, data and information remainunaffected by other user accounts as well as websites.

Reliability–As the VPS is independent of others, you won’t come across with server downtime caused due toother user website problems or errors.

Guaranteed Resources – A minimum amount of disk space, processor power, and memory is guaranteed to ensure that the websites have all the resources needed.

Flexibility or Customization – Since the VPS runs its own independent operating system, one can load programs and scripts, putcustomized changes to settings, and the system according to their needs that is not usuallyallowed to be done on restricted shared hosting accounts.

Cost – The hardware costs gets shared with multiple users, reducing the overall value of the monthly bill.

Is VPS right for you?

Virtual Private Servers are the ultimate solution for all small business, websitesthat need enlarged shared hosting account. VPS technology is an awesomesubstituteto a dedicated server technology in the times when power and reliability are required, with an affordable price tag.

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