ValueMags Learns Proper Business Communication

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ValueMags is a magazine selling company that has to be sure that business communication is widely used in the company. Business communication is about internal and external communication. This means how ValueMags communicates with their employees and how they communicate with the public and the different market segments. Communication needs to be a continuous process and involves the send/encoder and whether or not they can convey the verbal or non-verbal message through a form of medium to the decoder. The decoder and recipient then interpret the message that was intended by the sender. This would be an effective way for the ValueMags company to get through to their clients. Feedback from the recipients is also important in order for the company to know that their message was heard and understood. The kind of feedback that a company receives would be having the consumers and business segments actually purchasing their products or services.


Business communication for the ValueMags company needs to be goal oriented in order for it to be efficient for the company. For every company, the purpose of having proper business communication is to generate more profits. With this being said, the ValueMags company can be goal oriented by wanting to portray their company’s image through communications. In order for their goal to be successful, if they wanted to send a particular message such as them being the biggest magazine subscription company and it was understood, hen this proves their success. The external communication isn’t the only important communication for ValueMags; having great internal communication is what allows a company to become successful. You have to make sure that everyone has a designated role and understands what they have to do in order to keep the operations in line. When you have proper internal and external communication, it allows everyone to keep in line and it promotes motivation for the team in order for the tasks to get done accordingly. Sometimes for ValueMags, they will encounter barriers for external communication such as language differences, information overload, and inattention of the consumers, emotions, external distractions and time pressure. A company needs to make sure an ad is appealing enough, short enough and entertaining enough for the consumer to grasp the main idea and remember the ad. There is one thing in advertising which is if a consumer doesn’t remember which product goes with what ad, this means that there isn’t proper external communication due to internal problems and you have failed as company. This is something ValueMags always tries to avoid; they want you to remember who they are and what their ad is at all times.

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