Using a Security System From Your Phone

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Over the last 20 years, home security technology has become innovative and state-of-the-art. With the daily advancement in personal electronics, such as smartphones and tablets, home and business owners can monitor their property from anywhere. It not only makes the service more user-friendly, but it reduces the cost and need for the old-fashion video monitors.

Since most people, if not everyone, owns a cell phone, it only makes sense that security monitoring is now done via a cell phone. If you are wondering if smartphone monitoring actually works, alarm reviews on ADT smartphone monitoring are excellent.

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Home security systems are sensors that detect what is going on in and around your living space. Today, you can connect your smartphone to these sensors for monitoring. Smartphones possess all the features you would find in major security systems.

Furthermore, smartphones are much cheaper and more convenient than the standard video cameras. This is why most, if not all, home security companies are incorporating monitoring your home via your cellphone.


With your phone, you can receive emails or texts when there is an occurrence at your residence. The monitoring and contact by phone, as well as laptops and tablets, are made possible thanks to wireless home security systems.

Moreover, you can arm and disarm your alarm system from your phone. If you are out shopping for the holidays, and you look on your phone and see someone snooping around your home, you can alert the police immediately.


However, not all home alarm companies offer these interactive services. Some companies include these services as part of your package, while others make you pay extra for these options. It is important that you shop around when choose a home security system, especially if you have children and pets. You need services and features that will fit your budget, schedule, and lifestyle.



When you have the ability to monitor your home via your phone, you n do it from anywhere. Simply put, you are able to take your video monitor with you. Home security is more affordable and accessible than ever. There really isn’t reason not to have a security system if you really want one.

With the right products and features, you can put together a highly-functional, reasonably priced package. Honestly, if your home security company doesn’t offer cellular security services, you might want to move on and find one that does.

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