Track the location of your kid in seconds with the help of Funa app

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Kids now days have become quite advanced and they think of their parents as quite traditional and overprotective. Modern kids like to act quite maturely and are of the view that they can tackle any problem quite easily. This is just their immaturity and when faced with any problem they become worried quite easily.

One such problem arises when your kids due to some or the reason miss their school bus or public transport and start panicking. To make sure that you do not face safety and security issues with your kid you can simply install the Funa app as kids GPS tracker in your mobile as well as in the mobile of your kid to stay connected with them. Using the app your kid irrespective of his current position can share his real time location that helps in easing the tension quite a bit.


It is also widely used as a family locator and can easily be used by installing in any device like smartphones.

Some of best features of the app that you can use for determining the exact location of your kids –

  • The app is quite simple to use and you can with its help track the location of your loved ones as well as your kid quite comfortably. You just want to tap on the image of your kid on the screen and if your kid is using the net then his location will be shared in real time to you. This proves quite vital and helps you in getting access of his location in quite reliable and exact way.
  • To make sure that you get the precise and accurate location of your kid as to wherever they are you can simply ask them to share their location with the GPS and should also tell him to switch on their mobile data while travelling out for school or coaching classes. This gives you the facility of maintaining high level of security of your kid in the best and most reliable fashion,

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