Top 5 Trends in Education Technology

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It makes a lot of sense that as technology advances, so will the other industries around it. Technology just like anything, if not used properly, can defeat its purpose. It is supposed to innovate, to improve, and hopeful to help. It is good news that the education sector has also been tapped with this advancement.

You have been so used to the traditional ways of learning from books and experience. You may have thought that these ways of learning and educating others was already at its peak. Check out our top 5 trends in education technology.

Virtual Classrooms

This has certainly changed the way training sessions are held. Instead of booking a conference room or class room to conduct educational sessions we can now utilize virtual rooms. A Virtual Classroom means that the materials and the lessons being conducted are online. There are also podcasts, or recorded audio and video which students can watch on demand. These are effective resources because they are audio or audio-visual. If there are parts which are worth a second glance, they can easily be accessed.


You can learn almost anything now through the internet and now apps have come into the education scene either compiling material found all over the internet or even to stand alone as an educational tool. Apps have evolved from being informative to becoming interactive and entertaining too. There are a lot of educational bodies who are top players in the tech scene. They have invested their knowledge and time to developing apps suitable for learning. There are lots of free downloadable apps nowadays, and they are just as effective as those paid ones. Paid apps are usually made for specific schools or establishments. Apps are now accessible via mobile and laptops, which makes it a mobile type of learning.


Online Submissions and Grading of Tests

Some schools allow exams and tests to be taken or submitted online to their teachers. This cuts down the amount of paper used. These are also automatically grade cutting down the time to process the exam results. We can look at this highly efficient for the educators because the lessons and pointers for review can be created in one sitting. Unlike the traditional set-up where teachers manually work on their written lesson plans and grade sheets, online exams and automated grading will surely cut down their time spent so teachers can do more. It is easier to keep track of progress reports and grading sheets online. They can still have hard copies of these documents by simply printing. For the students, it is more convenient because since these are available online, then it means it can be done anywhere.

Social Media Education

Due to the rapid progression and growth of social media websites and apps, some schools are actually taught communication skills based on social media. They don’t teach how to use them for business purposes. They educate on how to create proper articles and comments, more likely to approach topics in a practical way. Exposing students to different social media platforms can give some parents a negative impression. This is actually a good opportunity to teach our kids on how to be responsible in using these channels. They need to understand both the good and bad side of it. Apart from your children learning about how to compose articles or content, they can make use of this experience as a training ground on how to treat other people virtually.

Technology, especially in education and its effect on children, has been a very controversial topic. There have been studies conducted to determine if technology indeed helps, or deteriorates students’ growth and level of learning. That’s why we are here. There is always a good out of something. Let us take advantage of those.

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