Time To Go For Mobile Marketing—Create Your Own Customized App

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If the time has come, in the life of your business, to begin the construction of a mobile app, let me be the first to congratulate you. This means your business is probably reputable but also it means that you are ready to take on more costumers. And you are probably also looking to make a little money.

These are all good reasons to develop Quick Series custom apps, but if you are, in fact, at this point, you need to consider these strategies for customized mobile app success.


  • Start With A Strong—But Flexible—Platform

Because there are multiple digital platforms (mobile vs desktop vs tablet; Android vs iOS;  etc) and because technology changes so quickly you need to build an app with a  solid and modular foundation.  You want to have a platform from which you can continue to develop regardless of what iteration or version you might have just launched.  Beginning with flexibility in mind means you won’t have to start over every time the hardware changes and you need to upgrade your software.

  • Secure Your Data

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm and, along with mobile devices, is helping to change the way we store and access data.  Of course, the more you use cloud services, the more security you need to ensure that your data—and, more importantly, the data of your users—remains protected.  These days, data passes from one platform to another somewhat seamlessly and that means many vulnerabilities along the way. Make sure that your app is not one of those vulnerabilities.

  • Leverage the Cloud

There was a time when IT departments had to purchase data and deploy various kinds of technology to gather, maintain, and deliver application. These days, it is all done in the cloud and that means the cloud is a rich source of data for you to use.  This can give you all kinds of metrics on demographics, market trends, and more—and you will not have had to actually collect any of this information yourself.

  • Plan for Monetization

While you might start out with an app that you know won’t make money up front, you want to have a plan in place for monetization.  Start, for example, with an app that is attractive and easy to use. Make it free for early adopters and then, as you grow, you could offer a paid version of the app or suggest certain upgrades at a discounted price to free-app users.  There are many ways to monetize and you will need to know how to earn money if you want to continue maintaining your app and building more.

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