Thingsto Do to Ensure Good IT Support For Your Organization

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Most NYC IT support companies know what is important to their customers and they do not have to be a large company to be profitable in doing this. Since they know what is important they can turn the visions and ideas of client companies into speedy solutions.


Any good IT support company offersmost ofthe following services for their clients:


  • Manage IT systems
  • Write a disaster plan for recovery
  • Manage IT security
  • Handle all IT project management
  • Perform audits &risk assessment
  • Setup cloud computing
  • Handle system integrations
  • Manage network design & infrastructure

Really good IT firms will also be able to supply:

  • Custom software
  • Software support
  • Mobile applications
  • Inventory management

Due Diligence

Before hiring any IT firm it is important to investigate them yourself or hire an agency that will do the due diligence for you. There are firms that specialize in doing this service and can finish a complete report for you in only a matter of hours.

There are especially two services that most companies will say are the most important for an IT company to be able to perform. These are:

  • Customer service
  • Project management

Customer Service

A really good IT firm needs to have excellent customer service. This is important because if your network goes down, you need an IT firm that responses fast, diagnoses and has the network up as quickly as possible. Every hour that your system is down is costing your company money.

Respond quickly

They need to provide a help desk that is working 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you should be apply to contact them by:

  • Text message
  • Cell phone
  • Internet
  • Email

Project Management

The company that you go with needs to have a good IT firm with an experienced project management team can have your network up and running quickly which is something you need especially if you are moving from one suite of offices to another or just setting up your computer and networking system for the first time.

By doing research and due diligence hiring the best IT company is guaranteed to be the right one to match your company’s needs.

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