The world’s Favourite website platform WordPress just became a teenager!'
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Over 25% of the world’s websites now use WordPress to get their message across! And, amongst online retailers, the take-up of the WordPress platform, together with popular WP plug-in WooCommerce, is now used in no less than 37% of all online shops and stores!

These remarkable statistics illustrate just how popular the WordPress website development ecosphere has now become.

WordPress comes of age as a teenager!

WordPress recently celebrated its 13th birthday anniversary, having originally being born on May 27th 2003!

Fortunately there are no reports of any teenage angst yet, as the platform has developed into a stable, secure, elegant, reliable and flexible workhorse fit for many purposes online.

The early roots of WordPress lay in the need, during the early noughties, for a publishing platform that the vast newly emerging army of online bloggers could easily use!

WordPress thus enabled those early bloggers to simplypublish boththeirown, and their guest bloggers valuable content, on their own blog, for their followers to consume at their leisure.

A Free WordPress?

WordPress was originally developed using open-source technology such as MySQL and PHP, which then meant that the source code was then freely available to all.

Web developers and bloggers only needed to pay for some ‘themes’ and‘plug-ins’ that were added on top of the basic WP installation. But many of these were, and still are, free of charge, which has naturally helped with its proliferation across the internet!

In the final analysis, the real beauty of WordPress is that it really is suitable for even those with little to no website development skills at all! Really you may well ask? Yes indeed!

A Secure WordPress?

Security is naturally one of the major issues that the WordPress platform has had to face but today there is a plethora of specialist WP security plug-ins available for it.

Some of the security plug-ins for WordPress are free, but these will often sport somewhat limited functionality. The paid for versions will provide more comprehensive features so may be worth the little extra. When it comes to online security, you do get what you pay for after all.

For any serious online retailer, the security of both the website and its associated user data is naturally of paramount importance. Secure WordPress website hosting, from providers such as Security Audit Systems should be considered, as should all available security plug-ins.

Finally, a website audit of your WordPress installation should also be considered to identify any potential security holes that have gone unnoticed.

What to look for with today’s WP Security plug-ins

This list covers only the basic WP security features that we think you should look for:

  • An option to hide your WordPress version from hackers
  • Easily variable login URL page
  • Logging of suspected hacking attempts
  • Basic Firewall functionality
  • Common Malware detection
  • Email or text message notification of hacking attempts

Any online security is better than none, and to help here are a few popular WP Security plug-ins for you to consider further:-

  • Wordfence
  • IThemes Security (Previously known as Better WP Security)
  • All in One WP Security & Firewall
  • Sucuri Security

There are, of course, a great many other WPsecurity plug-ins that you could also consider using, these can all be found by browsing the available WordPress security plug-ins online at

Whatever your needs regarding Secure WordPress website hosting, security audits or WordPress website security management and development, we wish you all the best!

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