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Search engine optimization (SEO) and reverse SEO have become very popular within the past 5 years. This popular and new boutique agency service has begun to spread worldwide. More recently, online reputation management companies that use search engine optimization and reverse search engine optimization have begun to offer to remove reviews from Google.


Usually all search engine strategies include using keyword optimization and keyword research. It involves finding out which channels people come to your websites or medias from. Moreover, it involves, if they do so directly, which keywords they research to find you or your company. Additionally, SEO also involve a process called link building which is always changing. However, by solely using this king of strategy, Google web search algorithms will understand that you are purposely doing so and will penalize the results you are trying to optimize. Link building includes embedding links to the site you want to come up in Google search results in other sites that are high ranked on Google already.

Tactics and methods that have worked in the past are beginning to change and not to work as well. the issue with working in the business of online reputation management and search engines is that the search engines are always changing. This means that companies need to keep up and constantly change with them. For this reason, companies are starting to propose another service, that is much more expensive but is permanent unlike original search engine strategies that need maintenance and constant attention and work. Online reputation management companies are starting to offer to remove reviews from Google. The direct removal is a long process and very costly but is permanent and there is never a worry in the back of your mind once it happens and it is done and over with.

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