The ideal media player for Mac along with its features

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You all love to watch the videos and audios on your laptop and mobiles and for that purpose you need a high quality media player that can multiply your experience. When you talk about the media players for MAC devices, there are many options that you have out of which the elmedia is one of the best that you have. It is an ideal mac media player that allows you to customize your videos with ease. Here are some features of this player that will make you to get it installed on your computer:


Video customization:

It is quite touch for you to play a particular part of any multimedia file until you cut that part. But with this player, you need not to worry as you can easily customize the videos so that when you play it back, you can only hear that part which you have customized thus making things easier for you.

Management of the subtitles:

This media player also lets you to manage the subtitles the way you want to. You can easily change the font size of the subtitles as well as the color to make it clearly visible to you so that you can easily read it while listening to the songs.

In addition to this, if the subtitles are not synced with the video, then you are also having the facility to get it in sync with the video so that it becomes more effective. You can also enable manual loading of the subtitles if you want to.

Airplay facility:

This service lets you to play the video file on your Mac PC just by using the Wi-Fi connection. This makes it very easy for you to sync different devices and enjoy music without actually downloading it on the device that you are playing it.

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