Successful High Tech Entrepreneurship with a Smile

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During recent debates and comments much concern has been expressed about the status of the nation’s economy and employment.  What has not been well noted is recognition of the nation’s rapid trend towards individual self-employment and entrepreneurship.  Today more than ever we find people who seek to work for themselves, and who contract out their services and technical abilities to businesses and to persons who are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality skills and service.

Yet, even persons with the best qualifications, skills and abilities (also known as “QSA’s” in human resources jargon) may find themselves having trouble attaining that business contract or opportunity if they lack a number of more basic essential qualities.  Regardless of whether you are a “techie” who works best in a corner by yourself, or if you are one who is best at reviewing and analyzing the products of somebody else, you still must at some point present your products to your customer and frequently to others as well.  And here is where many of us fall down.  Because, in our preference for self-employment and independence we often tend to allow our attention to basic personal appearance and professionalism to lapse to the point where not even basic dental hygiene is given priority.  You can only assume no one has told them about the great deals you can find on the Groupon site.


I once attended a conference where a number of top specialists gave presentations on the use of new software for major project development and management.  What I found more enlightening to me than their presentations were the reaction of representatives from certain businesses and government agencies who would be the decision makers.  And without exception they would comment on the professional appearance or lack thereof of the presenters.  One issue that was frequently noticed was the failure of some presenters to show attention to their dental hygiene.

What was clearly evident to me was the fact that a 12 to 24-month investment in quality dental work and hygiene might have meant the difference between turning off the decision makers and the awarding of a 2-year consultant contract to their firm.  It’s too bad that these folks didn’t know about the great deals available for Invisaligntreatments through use of Groupon coupons.  These coupons, good for up to 70% off treatments, save hundreds of dollars, something small business owners love to hear.

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