Splurge or Purge: What Laptop Features Are Worth the Money for Productive Users?

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Laptops with preinstalled Windows O.S are cost effective and have almost all the features and configurations needed by any user. Users, who are willing to pay a premium price for a laptop, might want to get custom features for splurging that kind of money.

Firstly, why would you need an expensive laptop with a high end configuration? If you are in the gaming industry, or need to use graphics of very high resolution at a particular speed, then you can go for the premium priced laptop. However, the question here is how to test if they are worth the price.


Same configuration for cheap price

One of the reasons why certain premium brands are more expensive is because they charge for the chassis. You can get cheap Apple laptops with the same configuration for an affordable price.

There will hardly be any difference in the performance. The only difference here is the aesthetic appeal. That is something you can let go, if you are keen on being productive.

Niche covered in premium laptops

  • Premium laptops are usually labelled as overpriced
  • Look for niche components and service warranties if you are paying a $1000 for a laptop
  • Affordable laptops could work as fast as the premium ones
  • You can rather spend on features such as, high resolution displays, SSD, and metal chassis
  • SSDs give quadruple time more better performance

Performance and Design

With cheap Apple laptops, you will also get a better typing experience with the keyboard and the touch pad. Not all premium brands of laptops have ergonomic keyboard and touch pad.


When buying affordable or cheap Apple laptops, you can focus on its features and specifications. Long battery life, durability, and sharpness of display are some of the features you need to look for in these laptops. Apart from 3 to 4 niche features, premium laptops might not be worth the money.

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