Significance of Technical SEO in Your Website Development Process

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Technical SEO is all about implementing various methodologies, features, functions and innovations, in order to optimize a website to increase its visibility on search engines. If you want to design a profitable website, then practical SEO should be a significant part of your complete website building strategy.

Many a times, webmasters give less importance to the technical issues of SEO, and focus more on fixing them. Here in this article, we’ll be discussing about the significant role of technical SEO in the entire website development process, and how a technically sound website ranks higher on the search engines.


Importance of Technical SEO to Gain to Top Ranks

Search engine ranking generally depends on more than one factor. It’s not just about getting the links from tons of websites. Google keeps improving its algorithm, in order to provide the most relevant and logical information to the searchers.

Therefore, when it comes to promoting your business through Google, you need to be more vigilant about technical aspects of SEO tools. The technical search engine optimization benefits your website in several aspects. Here are few of them.


Procedural SEO involves optimizing website for a variety of devices. As more and more people are switching to smartphones and tabs to browse Internet, it has become important for webmasters to build device-friendly websites that can fit any screen size. A fully functional, browser and device friendly website improves the chances of getting more visitors.


Website’s loading time or speed is a deciding factor for search engine rankings. If your website or webpage is taking a lot of time to download, users are most likely to abandon it and switch to another site that offers same information.

Even the search engines don’t want to index the slower websites, and thus it’s important to tweak your website resources and make it load faster. Technical SEO employs specific tools and methods that significantly improve the speed of the website and give a swift browsing experience to the users.

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Technically Sound Content

Even if you have a top quality contents on your site, it should be technically sound to attract the search engine spiders. Your website’s content should be backed with suitable designs, layout and content syndication techniques. Google spiders will take very less time to crawl technically perfect content, ensuring every piece of it is indexed in proper manner.

Improved Index-ability

Improving the index ability is an important aspect of technical SEO. You can improve the Index-ability of your website by:

  • Having robust XML sitemap
  • Integrating your website to Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • Use content syndication and avoid duplication of content
  • Check Robots.txt file to ensure all your public pages are easily indexable

In addition to above, technical SEO also help you design an easily navigable and user-friendly site. It also involves optimizing Meta titles and landing pages so that your website link will appeal to more and more searchers.

Getting Started With Technical SEO

If you truly want to increase your website rankings, you should consider using technical SEO, as a core part of the whole web development process.

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