Search Engine Optimization to Become $80 Billion Business By 2020 

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Choosing to start a business is a pretty big decision. In doing so, you are committing yourself to putting all you have behind getting your business off the ground and the doors open. To do so will take a lot of time and even more money. When the day finally comes, you can’t wait to open the doors for the first time so you can let in that all important first customer—but when you open the door, no one is there because your traditional marketing and advertising plan failed.

The trouble with traditional marketing is that it cost a lot, and there is no guarantee that anyone will see your advertisement. So you end up spending all this money and you do not know if anyone is going to show up. That is why more and more companies are focusing their efforts on online marketing. Yes, people can ignore ads on websites, pop-up ads, and mass emails like they do radio commercials, billboards, and flyers. But if that ends up being the case, at least it will not cost as much.

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Digital agencies and SEO resellers are becoming pretty lucrative businesses, and if the experts are right, business is only going to get better. By 2020, SEO-related spending is expected to reach $80 billion. This year spending is expected to reach $65 million. The beauty of online marketing is that you could do it yourself, but if you don’t know what you are doing it can take a long time and be just as ineffective as traditional marketing. People will often make some fundamental mistakes like forgetting to link to other sites, not taking advantage of trending words, passing on search engine optimization to invest in your local search and create a dull, generic website.

If you want to establish a substantial digital footprint, you need to let a digital agency or SEO reseller work for you better. The right one can construct you an SEO-friendly site. They will know what to do to improve your SEO on your web page and off, what words to include and exclude, and the right links to add to your site.

You have to spend money to make money, but it sure doesn’t hurt if you only have to spend a little of it on your marketing efforts and if that little is devoted to an effective digital marketing campaign as far as it’s concerned.

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