Repairing External Cell Phone Speaker

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If your phone’s ringer has stopped, it won’t play music, the alarm clock doesn’t work and the hands free loudspeaker no longer functions, your external speaker is most likely broken. Most cellphones and smartphones have an internal speaker that you hold up to your ear to listen and an external speaker that the phone uses for playing music, the speakerphone, alarm clock and the ringer and notification sounds. When the external speaker malfunctions, you can miss calls, oversleep when your alarm doesn’t go off, and not be able to enjoy your music like you used to. Fortunately, there are a couple solutions you can try to repair the external speaker and restore functionality to your cell phone.

Check for software issues

Hopefully your external speak malfunction is due to software issues because that’s easier to fix than a hardware issue. There are a few things you can do to check for a software issue, including:

Play with the volume – Turn the volume on your phone all the way up to see if you can hear people talking on the internal speaker when they call. If you can hear them then try lowering the volume to 50% to see if sound comes out of the external speaker. A blown speaker might not play at 100% volume so if you hear sounds at a lower volume then it’s a hardware problem.

Look for app conflicts – Quite often, a smartphone issue is the result of an app or apps conflicting with your phone. This is especially true of Android devices. Go through recently installed or downloaded apps and figure out which ones went onto your device around the time you started having volume issues. Try removing the apps and see if that helps.

Reset the phone – If none of the above suggestions help, then it might be time to reset the phone and wipe out glitches, software bugs, viruses, etc. Make sure you back up your information first.

Check for hardware issue

If you went through and did all the software checks and the external speaker still isn’t working then it’s probably a hardware issue. To get the speaker working again, the device has to be taken apart so the faulty speaker can be replaced by a working one. If your phone is under a warranty or has insurance that covers repairs, look into that before attempting any repairs yourself. Although it’s possible to fix a broken speaker yourself, if you’re not comfortable with the idea or if it will void your warranty, take it to an experienced cell phone repair shop, like Forever Wireless. That way you know that your phone will receive the correct replacement speaker and you won’t risk damaging the interior of the phone by slipping with the tiny screwdriver or allowing dust or debris inside the phone when it’s open. Taking it to a repair shop may sound more expensive but when consider that you’re saving yourself time and avoiding the possibility of requiring an entirely new phone, it’s worth the investment.

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