Removing Complaints from Google Knows Everything About Web Analytics

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Removing complaints from Google is a company that is known for the efficient and effective online reputation management game. They are the best team in their industry and what they do is they are able to suppress any negative results that appear on search engines written about a company or individual that has been affecting ones sales. Every businesses goal is to generate profits but sometimes what is written about you online really affects this. One way the removing complaints from Google team can help a company is with web analytics.

With web analytics you can track 3 main metrics such as:


  • Customer Data: this tells you if your customers are just customers, or loyal customers to your brand.
  • E-Business Data: tells you how many unique visitors, visitors and page views you have. Therefore this also indicates the amount of returning customers would have on their website.
  • Raw Data: this metric indicates how many hits you have. A hit is when a consumer goes on your site, every thing on the site, including content and images, when they get loaded it can count as a total of 100 hits for example.

The removing complaints from Google team can also track various other things with web analytics ranging from the traffic that goes to ones site to the location in which a customer is viewing your site. When using web analytics, you can also know whether your customers are browsing from a mobile phone vs. a desktop, the customer demographics and the types of customers that are visiting your site. It is important for any company to know this in order to find out if sales are dropping and traffic is decreasing, it may be because there are negative results written about their company. Most of the time, this is the case. Finally with web analytics you are able to find out the depth and length of a customers visit, recency, customer loyalty, funnel visualization which is whether they have bought something or just left the website, and benchmarking which is where you stand compared to your competitors in your field. This measure is quite important for the removing complaints from Google team to know where they stand in their industry. With data analytics, the goal is to drive more traffic to your site and see what is exactly happening.

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