Our Favourite Hacks to Keep Your Phone In Top Nick

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There’s nothing quite like that new phone feeling! Follow our hacks to ensure that your phone stays in mint condition for longer:

Look After The Basics

We’re always amazed at the number of people who don’t bother to use a case. A good phone case can not only protect your phone from dents and scrapes but can also double as a wallet.

Another little life saver are screen proctors which will save your phone screen from getting scratched and will also provide a little extra protection while your phone is at the bottom of your handbag or jacket pocket.


Day to Day

For optimum battery life, make sure you charge your new phone before use, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once your phone is fully charged, it is a good idea to allow it to completely discharge every two or three weeks as this will prolong its life.

Smartphones are one of those everyday items that people often forget to clean and they can harbour grime and bacteria. It’s is often tempting to use your smartphone while eating lunch but greasy fingers will leave smudges and dirt stuck to your phone. Always wash your hands after eating however if you do need to clean off crumbs one of the best items is to use a pressure air cleaner on all the ports and then wipe over the screen and back.

Get Protected

Smartphones can be expensive pieces of kit and sadly, accidents do happen, so make sure your phone is covered. Look out for agadget insurance policy that covers you for theft, accidental damage such drops, broken screens and liquid damage.


Maintain Long Term Value

If you are planning to resell your phone when you get your next upgrade, keep the original earphones in their bag and use another pair, as unused earphones will add to its resale value.

Additionally, when people are buying a second-hand phone, having all the original packing and any instruction booklets will increase its value.

Don’t forget about the extras

Accessories receive heavy use and often wear out quite quickly, so treat your charger and any other accessories gently. Store them properly and make sure that the wires do not get twisted or worn.

Finally, don’t forget about the weather! High temperatures are not good for phones, so do not leave it in your car on a sunny day and don’t leave it out in the sun when at the beach, and of course water and electronic devices do not mix, so try not to drop it in the bath!

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