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Drones have evolved in just the past few months and ORM is aware of the major new market that drones are entering; battle drones. It’s a semi official sport that a few people in an online community created. A few people get together and battle each other using their drones and the first drone to touch the ground loses. Sounds simple but when competing with professional drone pilots, it is extremely hard. Even a match between two seasoned drone pilots can last over an hour. However, the game is still evolving but the community needed help to gain sponsors and a fanbase; this is why they hired ORM to help with the advertising of the sport. The bulk of the marketing was focused on social media since most people use it on a daily basis in North America. The marketing strategy was about displaying amazing drone battles that have already been recorded to attract more viewers and followers. In turn, this started to gain a lot of buzz within the drone community who thought of it as purely leisure. Now, people are seeing the competitive aspect of drones and are loving it.

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A few months later, ORM decided to advertise the first official battle that was going to occur in a stadium in San Fransisco. Many people on the net started to pre-order tickets for the event. Soon after, more sponsors started to emerge such as Gillette and Easton. Easton was very interested into getting their hands in Battle Drones and they started to learn from the competing teams on how to battle and create a drone specific for the battle. The attention the battle drone community wanted far exceeded their initial expectations. It started to grow faster than they can adapt. More teams were emerging to compete in battles and big sponsors were slowly making their way to the drone world.

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