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Online reputation services has been tasked for coming up with a plan to build their reputation on the net in any form whatsoever. They decided to help Marshall headphones by introducing the product on many headphone forums and tech sites to help search results on search engines. ORM Services decided to focus on describing the product on many websites who don’t have a clear description about the product from a user over the company itself (since it would be considered biased from the customers perspective). A company such as Marshall who has over fifty years and more experience in sound has crafted such a unique product. The Bluetooth enabled on-ear headphones are truly a magnificent piece of hardware. With a battery pack of 680 mAh, it has a ridiculous amount of playtime with approximately of thirty hours of continuous play on maximum volume setting. This far exceeds any other Bluetooth enabled headphones since the most popular headphones lasts about six hours if you’re lucky. As one can see, it is probably worth paying Marshall $130,00 instead of $500,00 to other brands who tend to last less than 6 hours at a time.


ORM Services realized they need to spread the word of these headphones but not only on social media sites but on other tech sites where reviews are conducted on a weekly basis. One thing many reviews kept stating is that they love the golden knob that is present on the headphone itself. It has many functions, it can be used, as an analog stick just like on a video game controller. It also functions as a volume or track skip knob as well. The headphones can be used in a daisy chain since they have two inputs for 3.5 mm jacks, one on each ear cup. Meaning, you and two friends can listen to music or any other audio file. Each ear cup has its own customized driver for clear sound and balanced bass. It has 40mm dynamic drivers, which is tuned to perfection. Lastly, phone functionality helps the Marshall headphones to being the best friend of any public transportation commuter. You can call, accept or reject calls simply by using the gold knob and the built in mic helps everyone to take calls without disconnecting the headphone from the phone. It is a very practical and solid piece of equipment for the true audiophiles. Finally, the ear cushions are made to feel like clouds on your ears.

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