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Online reputation management firms have come across a new product to promote and quite a difficult one at that; smart watches. Smart watches are an extension of any smart phone, which has quick access to text messages, phone calls and music to name a few. It is quite difficult to create a message to relay to potential buyers because in essence, it’s more of a gadget that relies on the cool factor over practicality. The first few ad campaigns were design to look like a spy using this device to communicate with his team and initiate any attacks against the enemy. They gave the device a James Bond feels to appeal to the cool factor of the watch.

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Reputation management firm decided to slowly direct the message from cool factor to practicality. They presented situations where you couldn’t access your phone since it was in your pocket or bag but ended up using the watch for quick easy access. Also, changing soundtracks is much easier now than taking out your phone and unlocking it with your passcode every time you wanted to switch tracks. In the end, it is a fashion accessory that is cool and makes it easier to access certain programs on your phone without having to take it out. There are some extremely useful applications to use on a smart watch such as GPS navigation or Health monitor those tracks your steps and heart rate for the day. The tricky part is convincing the public that it’s worth $300.00. Most people would rather buy some new headphones or a new phone instead of a smart watch. Also, there is the added notion of certain individuals teasing friends who wear it and then loose the cool factor. Reputation management firms have many issues to attach and find solutions for each or they can embrace the fact that its an expensive toy that makes people feel like James Bond or even Batman. This was the likely route for reputation management firms to undertake, the novelty side of the product. While it was quite successful for displaying this as an expensive toy; they still had some online presence discussing its potential uses to the general public and this resonated with tech geeks from all over. This sparked many tech channels on YouTube or other social media outlets to create reviews on the different kinds of smart watches. While presenting two very different online presences to promote the product, it was quite effective in terms of building reputation.

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