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The time has gone when throwing a few benchmarks to determine which browser is the best for you would have settled the deal. It doesn’t cut it anymore. Nowadays best browsers are those who don’t settle on benchmarks and go beyond them. Usability, appearance, and stability is what settles the deal. Recent advances in web technologies and introduction of modern web technologies has changed the definition of what a good browser is.Choosing a good web browser will redefine your web experience.


Today’s web ecosystem demands flexible, extensible and easily accessible, as well as customizable browsers. The fight for being the best browser has been a continuous effort between all the browser vendors, however, the studies have suggested that most of the web browsers handle modern web just fine. That leads us to a question, “Does it matter which browser you use, and which browser is the best for you?“

The answer can be easily found through Browserling – a cross-browser testing service that offers online browsers ready for you to use. All preinstalled, configured and accessible in less than 5 seconds. This service will let you use many different browsers and you’ll be able to find out which browser is the best for you. It supports all common browsers such as Microsoft’s new Edge browser and good, old Internal Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. You can also test websites on mobile browsers in Android and iOS, as well as Linux browsers.

We have been introducing many web development tools and services to enhance web experience in the past but Browserling is by far the ultimate destination. Anyone who’s interested in browsers will love it. It offers excellent additional tools, such as taking browser screenshots, recording browser videos, resizing browsers and more. You’ll be able to find the perfect browser with Browserling.

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