Nuvolat Cloud Group Introduces Cloud Based Infrastructure

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The cloud based infrastructure refers to all the hardware as well as the software components that are required to fulfill all the requirements of a cloud storage system. These components include the servers, storage devices, the software for the virtualization and the operating system. The cloud based services are very efficient and from the sometime these services are prevailing highly in the industry. One of the major cloud based infrastructure service provider is the Nuvolat Cloud Group. You will get the best cloud infrastructure here.

A cloud infrastructure is different from the traditional data storage infrastructure. It can easily access the files remotely over the network. The cloud infrastructure is developed on the basis of object based platform. You can access the object based storage platform with the help of the application based interface that is based on web services. The protocol used for accessing this storage is done with the help of simple object access protocol or you can also go with the representational state transfer protocol.


The major features supported by Nuvolat Group cloud based infrastructure are as follows:

  • Secure
  • Multi tenancy
  • Automatic computing
  • Efficiency of storage
  • Scalability
  • Utility computing
  • System for charging back
  • Integration of data

Requirements for building a Cloud Based Infrastructure

The cloud computing platform is very attractive and the organizations are switching towards it as there are many features with it. The major benefits with these services are that businesses can easily access the private and the public resources that are hosted. They do not have to face any complexities with the purchase and the installation. The configuration is also done easily and in very less time.

For developing cloud based servers, some key requirements are associated. These requirements are as follows:

  • Support to a heterogeneous system – The cloud solution must be able to support the latest technology hardware, the concept of the virtualization and the software based configurations. With this, it must also be able to support the existing infrastructure within the data centre. To meet all the requirements of the data centers, the cloud must have the ability to integrate with the traditional IT based system.
  • Management of the services – To manage all the services properly, it is important to use the tools that administer them properly. The services that are being offered include the guarantee of the resources, management of the resources and billing of the cycles.
  • Management of the resources – If the cloud services need to be elastic and consistent then it is very important to be resource aware. It must be the ability of the system to prioritize the system dynamically so that all resource requirements are met.

The services of the cloud are very common in the market these days and the organizations are ready to work with the cloud infrastructure as it is highly beneficial and works with best technology.

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