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You might not have any idea about this, but you already make use of 2-factor authentication in today’s present world. Once you get to know what it actually is, you will get easily get convinced about the fact that using this with “mission- critical online services” is a great idea.

Two- factor authentication or commonly known as 2FA as it adds a bit of extra security in your basic sign-in procedure. Without this 2nd phase of security, you just enter your username, password and it’s done. Password is your only factor of authentication, but with the second factor, you make your profile much secured and safe.


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2 Factor Authentications: In Brief:

2FA or 2 factor authentication is actually for adding a second layer of verification to your account sign-in. When you are only entering your password and username, you are making use of a single factor verification. But when you are using two-factor authentication, you will have to make use of two or even tree sorts of credentials before getting the permission of accessing an account.

There are basically three sorts of 2-factor authentication:

  • Something that you already are, like a biometric, using voice prints or figure prints.
  • Anything that you already have, like fob, phone or ATM card number.
  • Something that you already know like any specific pattern, password, or identification number or PIN.

Use of this two step verification system doesn’t only provide a better security to your profile, but also safeguards you from the hackers, who constantly tries o invade your privacy. Though it doesn’t provide you with a specific guarantee of protecting you from hankers, but surely promises to try their level best such that they can meet all privacy that is required or demanded by your account.

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