Mobile technology trends to watch for in 2016

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Expectations of mobile technology for 2016 grow among the users. Again, Internet, storing photos / videos and mobility are the highlights. These are the tendencies according to SanDisk.

We saw as the CES 2016 event brought many technological innovations from Volkswagen trucks with launching the latest version of combi to brands for children like Lego introduces a version for developing brains of children as programmers.

Although technological inventions are always emerging without a specific date, the important thing is that you should always be aware of these important changes especially for freelance technical writing jobs and

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  1. The ability of smartphones continues to grow

Consumption and generation of data increase rapidly. Mobile devices increasingly capture more pictures and videos, the size of applications increases and many people are connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to social networks.Meanwhile, smartphone makers are increasing capacity considerably. If in 2015, the average premium smartphone came with 38.9 GB of storage. In 2018, the same capacity will almost double to 77.2 GB worldwide, according to SanDisk Market Intelligence.

  1. Photography and video will be extreme

Smartphones are ceasing to be camera snapshots to transform into equipment that allows, thanks to new apps and software, edited directly on the device.

As resources and performance will improve on phones, consumers take more photos and videos which, in turn, will encourage manufacturers to push the boundaries of technology and design new products to meet the new expectations.

  1. Expanding the limits of network speeds

Users want to download larger files, more often and in less time. Users begin to download movies that could occupy up to 80 GB, so gigabyte level speeds per second (Gbps) to exchange files with. In 2016, companies will begin to expand the boundaries of network speeds. Limited network speed could be reduced and those online writing jobs will be increase.


  1. New challenges in mobility

Who was the manufacturer of smartphones with the fastest growth in the second quarter? Huawei says, Gartner. Chinese brands like Lenovo and Huawei will continue to challenge the smartphone market with new designs and new ways to sell directly to consumers.

  1. You will not have to wait to update smartphones

For years, telephone operators are the ones who decide the time of renewal of the smartphone through contracts, which generally are in Peru for 18 months. In 2016, consumers change their smartphones faster, thanks to contracts that allow them to speed quickly, thus being able to have the latest technology much faster.

  1. Memory cards will assume a new role

The number of phones with microSD card slots has remained remarkably stable at 75% in recent years, according to Strategy Analytics. But in the near future, the use and versatility of the microSD slot will grow.You canalsotrywebsites like get some technical content patner.

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