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What is maple syrup?

Maple syrup is the sweet juice extricated from the maple trees of North America by the process, commonly known as tapping.

What are the uses of maple syrup?

  • Maple syrup is very healthy and is used as a replacement of processed sugars.
  • They are used to add variation and depth to certain food products.
  • They are also used as glazes and barbeque sauces for poultry and meat products.

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What is maple season?

As soon as the spring dawns upon North America, the maple trees are tapped to get the fresh sap and process it into maple syrup. This is known as maple season. This season of extrication is very short and lasts only for few weeks.

From where are the maple syrup produced?

Maple syrup is produced from a very small area of the continent. 71 per cent production is attributed to Canadian states such as

  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec, and
  • New Brunswick

The USA contributes only a trivial amount in the production.

What are the factors upon which production of the syrup depends?

The key factors influencing the production and quality are:

  • Soil quality
  • Genetic factor
  • Health of the tree
  • Weather conditions
  • Techniques used while processing the sap

What are the grades that are marketed?

There are four grades based upon the colour of the syrup. This gradation is also associated with the taste. Dark coloured syrup taste more robust than the light amber ones. The sap tapped towards the end of the maple season grows dark in colour.

Are all the products in the market original?

Getting original maple syrup is very hard. Whilst you can still avail it in the local market, but overseas in the international market it is hardly available. The “pancake syrups” are nothing but maple syrup substitutes. Also there are products available which are maple flavoured.

What does maple syrup direct offers you?

At the online store of maple syrup direct you not only get 100 per cent guaranteed original maple syrup, but can also avail products made from original syrup such as maple candies, butter and lot more. Our speciality lies in the fact that you get a stress-free delivery of these original products to your doorstep anywhere across the globe. So, shop from us all your favourite items and get a hassle-free delivery to your doorstep.

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