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Hospitals undertake a wide range of tasks on daily basis and thus managing the data of the hospital is quite a hard task. But on the contrary you need to maintain the data of the hospital for its effective and efficient working, thus new software known as eHospital Systems is prepared for the task. The software helps in managing all the aspects of the hospital like administrative, corresponding services, medical, legal, and financial. In addition, the software also offers, fixing appointments, OPD management, IPD management etc.

There are various companies which provide for the installation of the software in the hospital, you can connect to any one of them for getting access to the software. You can search the web or can visit for the installation of the software.

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Know what all is included in the software

There are different modules which are incorporated in the software for managing different fields. Some of the modules and their functions are listed below –

  • Service management – this module considers the services which are provided by the particular hospitals. The rates for services provided are charged in accordance with rules of the hospital. While calculating the rate of service provided to particular patient it will consider his/her age, emergency charges, night charges and various other parameters.
  • Store management – maintaining the inventory is one of the most important tasks which can easily be dealt with the help of this software. It is helpful in maintaining the purchase order along with the date of delivery. It also maintains reorder levels and stocks. Issue slips and payments which are made to other department can also be adjusted using the software.
  • Patient management – the data of each and every patient is very useful to the hospital for various purposes like MRD, future visits etc. Thus, this module helps in the maintenance of the data of each and every patient by creation of the unique ID.
  • Pharmacy management – managing the pharmacy shop is no more a trouble with the ehospital system. By linking it with the main billing, the details will be updated without any additional work. Once the patient collects the medicines, the charges are automatically transferred to the patient billing.
  • OPD management – when a patient visits the reception desk, new registration number is provided to him/her. All the personal details such as sex, name, age, address etc. are recorded in the software. In addition, the services rendered to the patient are also recorded.

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Along with the above discussed functions, the software can easily take care of the IPD management, discharge summary, consultant management, security management, elaboratory management, MRD management, reception management, accounts management and much more.

This system can be of great use for you if you are a hospital owner. If you wish, you can also get the software custom designed for you. There are several other systems like clinic systems, electronic medical records etc. that you can get to ensure effective maintenance of your hospital. If you order software, the service providers deliver it after carrying out the testing.

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