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A lot of business start-ups find it hard to come up with a creative business name, especially if there are pressing issues that like funding. If you have to deal with bigger issues like that, creativity can be stifled. Instead of waiting for that light bulb moment when the perfect name presents itself from nowhere you can try employing the following strategies to come up with cool business names:

  • Brainstorm a list of names

Most people usually have an idea of why they want to name their businesses. Make a list, shorten it to three names that you are confident of and look at whether it appears in one form or other in your line of work. It’s great to have a business name but it is even better to have a cool background story behind the naming of your company.

  • Think way outside the box

Cool Business names are the ones that don’t fit into the proverbial box. The ones that get a lot of mileage are the ones that sound made up, like Google. If you are a baker and you name your store “Norma’s Bakery” think of why people come into bakeries in the first place and what you yourself offer. You can use the name Norma’s Delicacies or use something cool and playful like “Norma’s Numnums.”

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  • Use alliteration

Alliterations are two words that sound the same and can appear in a phrase. They sound catchier and can give your company name the amount of spice it needs. Like Dockside, fresh, fast and fantastic fish and chips.

  • Avoid literal meanings

When coming with business names, try not to use metaphors. You might want your company to be regarded with the rest of the big competitors in your industry but giving it a name like Pinnacle, apex or peak will not help you catch the attention of would-be customers. Most of these words have been overused and have lost whatever appeal they might have had in the past. Again, think about what drives your company instead of what your company does or what it is about. A good example of this is “Iron Mountain”, which is the name of a data storage company. The name conveys exactly what a data storage company should do – provide ironclad protection that shields and protects your data in a way that it makes ‘trying’ feeling like climbing an insurmountable mountain.

  • Avoid creating obscure business names

Naming your company after mythical gods or characters in fables is a good but unless your clients know who Eos is. She is a mythical Greek goddess. The names might fit if they represent what your business is about. For instance Eos happens to be the Greek goddess of the dawn, who represents the hope that come with a new day. Someone who doesn’t know this might fail to make the connection with your business name but a clever logo or tagline might help.

Here are 10 cool business namesthat work:

  1. Six apart – name of a web company inspired by the fact that the owners were born six days apart
  2. Verizon – A name created by combining the Latin name for truth Veritas with Horizon
  3. Lego – a name created by using a combination of words – leg godt which is Danish for play well
  4. Canon- derived from the word Kwanon a Japanese name or the bodhisattva of mercy
  5. Asus – derived from Pegasus the Greek mythological winged horse
  6. Hotmail – a clever play of reusing HTML to HoTMaiL. Ofcourse HTML means something entirely different
  7. Google – said be have been inspired by the reference to googol made on the amount of number the search engine can search for. Googol is 1 followed by a 100 zeros.
  8. Coca cola- the most recognized business name in the Universe comes from the coca leaves and Kola nuts that were initially used to create the beverage’s unique flavor.
  9. Ikea- Contrary to popular belief, this is not a Chinese or Japanese name but it is actually a name derived from the Founder’s name Ingvar Kamprad and the Swedish village he came from ElmatarydAgunnaryd
  10. Reebok – the founders of this company simply went to the one dictionary they had which was a South African dictionary where they found the fastest antelope in Africa, the rhebok.

Coming up with cool business names is not rocket science. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time round but is can evolve along with your business just like Wikipedia and Twitter.

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