Lifelock Is Always Checking For Every Transaction Made By Your Name

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I was searching over the internet and came to LifeLock reviews. There were interesting facts that people were telling about. I was much unaware that anyone can take an identity of a person and can do certain things. With reading many of the reviews it was clear that people surely do need a protection firm. One thing that also came into my mind that the LifeLock itself is providing $1 million guarantees to cover all the investigation. I sure did take a package and I was feeling that is was a right choice.

The package that I took was providing alerts on my cell phones. But I was not getting any profit from it and why I was wasting much of such things. Most of the times thought that I wasted my money and should have used it to buy something for my girlfriend. Instead, I was having a great idea and I was willing to test that if the package really works.


 I gave my credit card to my girlfriend so she could do shopping. I did tell her not to buy more kinds of stuff only a few needful things. She was much excited to hear and which girl won’t be happy. She was having my credit card and I wondered what kinds of stuff she could be buying. She was out with my credit card for more than two hours and I was thinking that if she bought something or not. I was not getting any message from LifeLock.

I was sure that time about all LifeLock reviews were fakes. The amount of investment I made was all of no use and I made a bad decision. After few hours I got a text msg that someone was buying stuff from my account. I phoned my girlfriend and asked her that did she buy anything. She replied yes she bought much and going to buy more. Taking LifeLock package was a good decision but giving my credit card to her was the worst. If I asked her to stop shopping then she would never stop.

The thought of LifeLock is not good did change my mind and I was feeling much happy about it. For once I thought that I should contact LifeLock to stop her shopping but it was her day to enjoy. When she came back she was asking why I was smiling. I had no words to explain that I was doing an experiment and it was successful.

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