Leading EA Game Designer States Virtual Reality ‘May Harm the Sector’

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Virtual reality is the future in more ways than you can imagine. We shall use it to store, try autos, hunt for a lot more and apartments. But while lots of these programs are still in the works, one place where VR is currently powerful is gaming. But is this a great factor?

One of the world’s best game designers does not seem to think so. Rick Donnelly—whose invested the last 2 years at best gaming companies like Electronic Arts creating for franchises like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and also assisting to create legendary games like Dungeons & Dragons and Command & Overcome—is not as worked up about VR as many of the firms and players running to it.


During a Reddit AMA earlier today, Donnelly was necessarily asked a question about Pokmon Go. The question, the most upvoted on the thread, scans, “Against the rising reputation of Pokmon Move what does one think this talks about the games market?”

Though Pokmon Go theoretically utilizes augmented reality rather than virtual reality videos, Donnelly answered saying that VR “will damage the industry.”

Here’s his reason that is full:

‘As we progress, the perceived division between mobile devices and games consoles, computers will shrink fast. This means games will modify processes and their interfaces of shipping to allow for this newer audience, which has been lifted with a telephone in hands. VR will perform with a huge part in this too. At first I think it’ll damage the industry, similar to how people complain about console games being ported to PC without any type of sophisticated or processing control strategies. Later, as the dirt handhelds be much more powerful, as my television actually becomes my PC and settles, we’ll see this argument disappear I think.’

One thing is for certain—virtual reality is going to cause a serious growth in cash flow and consumers in the gaming market. This year, customers will devote $5.1 billion on virtual reality gaming hardware, accessories and software. Game designers will also have a world-wide audience of 55.8 zillion virtual reality users and produce 38.9 zillion virtual reality devices this year, according to a statement by SuperData Research.

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