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Improving Brand Identity in Singapore with the Social Media

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Statistics show that 96% of Singaporeans have at least one social media account. Further, 85% of the population uses their smartphones to access the internet. If you have sharp business skills, then you know that this presents both a challenge and an opportunity for you. The challenge is getting the attention of all these people to your products and services. On the brighter side, the opportunity here is the high number of internet users that you can convert them into prospective buyers. Not only that, but you can also make them into repeat buyers.

With that said, you need to use a well thought-out social media strategy that will convert these prospects into profitable leads. What you need to know is that social media is a powerful platform that is instrumental for your marketing campaign. If you use it correctly, then you will improve your brand identity in addition to building and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Unfortunately, most people dive into social media marketing without a plan. Obviously, this leads to a PR disaster and wastage of time. For small business owners, going into social media without a plan can lead to disappointment and ultimately frustration.


Nonetheless, all is not lost as there is a way out for you. Check out the tips below:

Use Good Content

What do you post on social media? It is not enough to post content on social media even if you are doing it regularly. You need to get quality content that compels the viewers of that material to take action. Studies show that at the local store, a person takes a look at a product for five minutes. However, on the internet, it is a different case. A person only glances at a product for five seconds only. Despite the fact that your window is terribly short, you can impress and convert the viewer into a customer. Simply tailor your content to suit what the customer is looking for.

Choose your Channels

Think of this as “choosing battles”. Some social media channels do not deliver results like the others. Channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are some of the popular sites that you can post your content for people to see. You can start by posting in all of them and then narrowing down to the one that delivers results.

Come Up with Quality Messages

With social media, the power to achieve greatness or not is always in your hands. Most brands, however, fail in marketing because they use the platform for ads instead of giving viewers quality content. As a business, your primary objective is to provide solutions to some specific problems that people encounter. People want to see that you understand their problem and that you are sincere in giving a solution. Create your message such that it resonates with the customer’s needs. Let your message not appear as an extension of an advertisement else they’ll walk away.

Characterize the Client Base

So, you have acquired several faithful followers on social media. You are now on a mission to retain them and ensure that they remain true to your brand. What do you do? Well, this should be an easier task considering the fact that they have accepted your brand and product. Characterize your customers based on specific criteria. You could group them by age, income, gender or by region. From here, you can post your messages with the surety that they will reach the target audience.

Have Goals

An achievement is never significant unless it is measured against an objective that was set. Your business can only be seen to be making progress if it meets the goals that you set for a particular span of time. Whether it’s monthly or yearly, you must have S.M.A.R.T. goals where they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. If your goal is to improve on brand awareness, then you could set your objective to say, 50% in a month. After the said period, you run the social media analytics and see whether your brand name has been mentioned to an equivalent of 50%. Just be sure to tie your objectives directly to business goals.

Keep Tabs on the Competition

Your competition is at speed to catch the attention of the same customers that you want. This tells you a lot about the techniques work and those that do not. Take a moment to study your competition and get an opportunity to learn from their successes and capitalize on their mistakes.

To sum it up, you need a wise social media strategy to succeed in your quest to improve brand identity. However, to get there, you need both competition and friends to direct and shape your organizational efforts.

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