How to Unlock iPhone 4 for free

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Dear iPhone 4 owners, how to unlock iPhone 4 for free, if your device is currently locked to carrier network, then  we offer you the unique opportunity to unlock iPhone  4 model directly from Apple’s database servers for the lowest prices. Our method of unlock is really popular and it utilizes the IMEI code of the locked Apple device. Once we unlock your iPhone 4 from network with this method you will never have to worry that it may be relocked. Also, this unlock method is permanent and it works for all types of how to unlock iPhone 4 for free devices including devices that are with blacklisted or barred IMEI code.

How to Unlock iPhone 4 for free service

The how to unlock iPhone 4 for free is the unique 15 digit imei code that each Apple device has. This number is very important and only with this code you can factory unlock your iPhone 4 from operator. There are two ways to find the IMEI code on any iPhone 4.

You can dial the number *#06# and the code should be shown on your iPhone 4 display after a few seconds. If this does not work then just go to Settings→General→About and the code will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Once you know the IMEI code you can order how to unlock iPhone 4 for free from the variety unlock providers found online. Please note that you always need to check whether you will be using a reliable unlock provider’s services or some online scammer. Online reviews are always to take into consideration when ordering iPhone 4 factory unlock, as well as the price and the unlock requirements.


How to Unlock iPhone 4

In order to be safe from scammers, I will explain to you the exact unlock procedure step by step:

  • Step 1: Click on Unlock Now link found on one of online’s unlock providers
  • Step2: Complete the online form. You will have to enter for free IMEI code of the iPhone 4 you wish to unlock iPhone 4, to select as the network from which you want to unlock and you will also need to enter a valid email address
  • Step 3: Payment. You will be asked to pay the unlock fee using a reliable and secure payment method such as via PayPal, DalPay or credit card.
  • Step 4: Once you are this point you will not have to do much besides wait. The unlock procedure may take up to two days, so it is better that you are patient during this time.
  • Step 5: Once the unlock is complete, the unlock provider will send you email to inform you if your iPhone 4 was unlocked. If successful you can activate it via iTunes by Updating and Restoring.

Once you complete the activation it will be officially unlocked. However, if you receive info that your iPhone 4 has not been unlocked you can redeem all the money you have paid. So do not wait any longer, free unlock iPhone 4 via IMEI, it is the best!!!

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