How to Maintain the Safety of a Privileged Account

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A privileged account is the way in which administrators access servers, firewalls, routers, and databases. Although these accounts contain large amounts of sensitive information, it is possible to log into the account through the regular username and password. This can prove to be problematic since if the passwords get into the hands of the wrong people, it can lead to serious consequences for the organization. This is why it is important for you to follow the steps given below to enhance the safety of your privileged account.


Understand the Risks

First and foremost, you have to understand the fact that a privileged account is a massive security vulnerability to a business organization. Through this account, it is possible for hackers to take 100% control of a company’s IT environment. They will also be able to disrupt the operations of the company while being able to steal sensitive information. These threats are some reasons that reveal how important it is to protect a privileged account.

Controlled Access

One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to utilize the enterprise password vault. This method not only secures the access to the privileged account, but it controls the accessibility too. This means that not everyone in the IT environment can access the account at any random time. This system further enables the company to grasp the risks of a privileged account, and offers various solutions to reduce these risks to a great extent.

Password Change Frequency

It is possible to solve this problem by changing the password of the account on a regular basis. Although some companies tend to change the passwords once in two weeks, most companies only do it once a month. Some also resort to on-demand password change since it is more effective in securing the system.

Security Information Management

Most companies are only interested in knowing who visited the account and when they did so. This type of auditing information can help you get more closure about the problem. The benefits of such auditing can be useful for your company in many ways. In order to experience these benefits, you must integrate the privileged account management product with a credible security management tool.

Password Distribution

Before you distribute the passwords among the employees of the organization, you need to be careful about whom you give them to. Remember that this access can be easily misused. Therefore, you need make sure that you only give the passwords to trustworthy candidates. If everyone has access to the privileged account, it can be hard to take control over the things that happen in the IT department of the organization.

Choosing the Right Tools

As you might already know, there is a great number of tools that you can use to control the access to the privileged account. However, the key is to choose a tool or software or technology that suits your company and its operational methods. You need to do research on the tool’s reliability and functionality in order to decide whether it is truly effective in safeguarding the privileged account. Instead of choosing the most famous tool in the market, it would be best if you could choose a tool that suits the style of your organization.

It does not matter what tool or software you use, if you do not safeguard the account within the right time, your entire organization will have to suffer the consequences. So, think fast and act smart.

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