How to Find Out What is the Value of My Phone?

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In this article we prepared several questions that will help you understand the real value of your phone if you decided to sell it.

When people decide to sell their old used phone or in fact any other electronic device the first question that occurs in their minds is “how much is it worth?” And most people at this very step actually become lost because they do not know where to start the search for the answer to this question. Experts say that you might be actually surprised to learn how easy it is to learn that trade-in value for your used electronic device and what price you can actually set on the market in order to sell it.


If you are one of those who asked such a frequent question of – How much is my cell phone worth? – then there is an appraisal questionnaire for you to find out the answer to it. So let’s start and learn several important things.

First of all, you should know that today a lot of tools exist that can help you evaluate the price of your phone. Some of them have actually physical appearance like an ATM machine. You can just come to this apparatus, put there your old phone and then get the proposed price for it. In case you have never seen such machines there is a way to find out the price without even leaving your house – it is called the Internet. Just go online and find one of the thousand online tools that can help you evaluate your phone. In most cases you will begin from picking a manufacturer, model and make of your phone, then you will need to answer questions about the condition of your phone, its packaging arrangement (chargers, headphones, user manual, case or even cases, covering film, etc.). The more items in your package you decide to have the higher price you will get in the end. And after you complete all these steps a proposed value for your phone will usually appear.

After you have completed all the steps described above (these steps are basic and universal for any trade-in program, though some variations may occur; in case something remains unclear to you at the program you want to use, read the FAQs of this exact program to clarify your problems) you can submit your device to pretty much any trade-in program.

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Here are some tips about what to do before you actually post your cell phone online in order to sell it. Do not forget to:

Remove all personal data from your device;
Disconnect any services with your current provider;
Make sure that model, make and condition of your phone match the trade-in information that you plan to submit;
Remove both storage and SIM cards;
Double check that your mobile phone is unlocked for activation.
And of course, if you are planning to sell the phone and want to earn some money on it, make sure that before setting the price for your device you compare prices for Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, etc. options in your device’s category. This will give you the hand in getting the money your phone is worth!

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