How To Find HOT Blog Post Ideas That Will Attract Readers?

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Running out of blog ideas? Well, you are not the only one. There are millions of bloggers just like you, who run out of their ideas and stocks of blogs. In fact, it is a very common problem for beginner bloggers. A basic problem that must be mentioned here is that they try to compare their readers and visitors with that of an already established and popular blog.

Hence, it is quite obvious that if you want to increase your readers and make the visitors stay loyal to you, you need to come up with innovative blogging ideas. Here are a few ideas that will attract more and more readers to your blog.

  1. Ask The Readers:

This is a great way to get more ideas on what you should be blogging about. Use your social media profiles or public forums to check out what the people are mostly talking about. Filter the topics and choose the ones that relate to the niche that your blog is about.

Since this will give you the chance to create blogs related to the topics that are trending, it is very likely that these will attract more readers. In fact, if you use social media profiles or public forums to get these ideas, make sure that you reply there with the link to the blog post that caters to the query so that the readers can visit your blog for an answer.


  1. See What Others Are Doing:

You know your rivals, right? See what they are doing and steal ideas from there. It is a great way to get HOT blog post ideas. The ideas can come from anything like a topic that they have covered, an image that they have used or a series that they are blogging about. Just make sure that you do not steal their content.

  1. Use The Internet:

If you are running dry, you can always take help from the internet. The Internet has been the messiah for many people, offering innovative ideas to many bloggers. You will find bloggers with their posts on blog ideas. This is interesting and very useful as well.

  1. Follow The Trends:

There are Google tools that can help you to get ideas on the topics that are trending. You will be able to check out which of your existing posts have received more traffic and choose a similar topic, upgrade and update it to catch even further attention.

Some HOT blog ideas to start a blog:

If you do not want to spend that much of time as of now, here is a list that you can start with right away.

  • Blog about guides
  • Write reviews on books, movies, songs, gadgets
  • Share experience of travelling, food that you have tried or things you have bought
  • Choose a controversial (not cheap) topic
  • Give tutorials or to-do lists

These are some of the all-time hit and hot blog posts ideas that you can never go wrong with. But the key to a successful blog post is interesting content, a catchy title, and innovative infographics or videos.

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