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You may have come across many URL cutters online but those would have definitely lacked certain features which are specifically focused by Snipli in order to make it differentiated amongst other competitors. Snipli is a free website which allows the users to cut short the URL and edit the short form URLs. One important thing to be noticed here is about the fact that the short URL remains the same but the actual URL is changed at the time of need. This is one of the most special features of Snipli which cannot be seen in other link shortner websites as they do not allow you to alter the actual or original link of a short URL.


Features of Snipli:

  • The website works on free charge completely. There is no registration cost neither there is any other cost to complete the process. The user simply needs to visit the website and place his long URL in the prescribed area. Cut the URL and start using the new and short version of URL.
  • Along with the free facility of cutting shot the long URL, Snipli also offers some additional features on the paid accounts. These features are advanced and amazing.
  • The basic functionality of the website is free of cost.
  • The additional features include tracking down the number of visitors and monitoring the traffic. This helps the user to know about the popularity of his page and whether it requires further promotions or not.
  • Snipli can also tell the user if his URL is unique or not. After complete scanning, it tells if there is any overlapping of the new URL with existing ones.
  • The customer is able to monitor and organize the links through the tag facility. It helps the user to determine various factors affecting the performance of URL and then controlling and organizing it.
  • The user can mask his URL which is free of cost. This feature is unique and uncommon to all other websites. But Snipli offers this feature free of cost.
  • The user can get access to the public as well as private statistical pages. The private statistical pages are very difficult to be accessed as the data is confidential. Snipli offers this feature on paid accounts as this feature is not asked for by all customers. It’s a customized feature which is usually needed by the users who need extensive research to carry out the business.
  • The solutions to advanced level Geo targeting can also be done through paid account feature offered by Snipli. This feature includes the targeted customer on the basis of geographical features. The Snipli tool can access to the geographical features and extract the data accordingly.
  • The paid account is active for one year against which the payment is also paid for the whole year to enjoy the unlimited, uninterrupted, free of tension, fast, reliable and amazing services which are not present elsewhere.


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