How to be successful in the tech industry; tips from Jack Rochel

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jac k1Epsilon Electronics Inc is an audio automotive technology company that has been in the industry for over 30 years. The president, Jack Rochel, has been employed by Epsilon for the past 18 years and played a significant role in their success.

When Jack Rochel was in business school, he always dreamed of being the head of a company. After graduating from business school, he worked a few jobs managing teams in the manufacturing industry before he achieved his goal and became the president of a company. Over the years, Jack has learned what it takes to be a successful and competitive business. Jack continually analyzes the audio technology market to understand his opportunities and threats in the industry. Jack and his team use an analysis often referred to as SWOT. These letters stand for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A SWOT analysis is used to analyze and evaluate the business internally and externally as well. Jack Rochel uses information from several sources to come up with the analysis with his team. He uses information from within the business such as their employee’s job satisfaction, and from external sources such as news reports.

A key factor in maintaining Epsilon’s competitive edge is through staying up to date with most recent technology. One way Jack keeps up with the newest of technology out there is by attending conferences. At these conferences, Jack Rochel can discover new products in the audio and the lighting industry. Another way Jack ensures Epsilon remains competitive and has the newest products is through their in-house research and development team. He knows having this department in-house allows for unique and original products.


Another important key to Epsilon’s success is their wide range of products. Jack Rochel believes it is important to have diversity and variety in a business in order to be successful. Epsilon Electronics owns 6 brands that are all different in their own way. Some of their brands sell lighting products, while some sell custom dj setups.

Thanks to Jack Rochel’s excellent leadership, Epsilon has found success in their industry. They sell their products in over 55 countries around the globe, and they are one of the biggest audio brands in the United States. Jack Rochel hopes to continue their international expansion and hopes to continue pleasing their customers.

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