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How to Avoid Web Design Interaction Mistakes for a Better Customer Experience

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It has become quite a challenge to impress the user in today’s era. Not every delightful user experience that a business creates today is rewarded. This also affects the conversion rates.

In an open communication world like this, an interaction design can really work well. Being a design that has been created keeping the user’s psychology in mind, it is particularly created for better interaction with the user. Involving a deeper analysis of the user behavior and complex, meticulous planning, this works perfect for many web design and development Toronto based agencies.

Find out how they transform simple web designs into interaction designs.

  1.       Say no to overwhelming innovation

Web designers sure are creative heads. In the need of expressing their work, they seem to innovative ways that will make their designs stand out. However, innovation will be of no use if you are leading a user away from familiarity. Keep it intuitive, immersive and fun but say no to overwhelming innovation as the user may get lost in an effort to merely find, say, ‘Register now’ button.

Web design Toronto

  1.       Don’t confuse them with navigation

Navigation can harm the overall image of your website in two ways: Firstly, by being way too cluttered and secondly, with the use of alien names for the navigation menu. Again, familiarity is involved. Don’t make it difficult for the user to find what he/she is looking for. They don’t like wandering around, wondering where can they find a mere ‘Contact’ page. Keep it simple and unambiguous in order to create an inviting customer experience.

  1.       Unclutter the pages

Gone are the days when websites were putting everything they can above the fold. However, some are still living in the old school concepts and are on to cluttering their landing pages, as well as the home page. It’s not even preferred anymore. Say if you are requiring services for android application development and you go to this website where all the important things are placed all nice and clean, it will be a lot easier to get around and find their contact and everything you need. Such websites are a real winner for they know how to guide the customer just right.

  1.       Creating the right contrast

Contrast plays a crucial role in establishing visual hierarchy that draws the user attention to the important elements on the website. Remember, as a web designer, it is important to know that contrast is not just related with the color usage but the size, positioning as well as the shape. Make sure which elements need prominence and how – that is the real magic in guiding the customer correctly.

A lot many ecommerce websites or online stores are making common interaction design mistakes they aren’t even aware of. If your website is at fault in any way, then tweak it in accordance with the points mentioned above before your bounce rates are way beyond manageable.

Author Bio: Mariya Sabeen Irshad (@MariyaSIrshad) is a Creative Writer by passion and a Content Marketing Strategist by profession – a tech-savvy who is currently associated with Branex, a creative design studio. With an MBA in Marketing, she holds relevant industry experience and writes about digital marketing, mobile applications, web designing, career counseling, game development and trending technology news.

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