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How to Adjust the EV for Better Wildlife Photography?

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The wildlife photography is much more different as compared with the other sorts of professional photography as there is a need for the photographer to capture the atmosphere in a livelier manner. At the same time, you may need to catch the photographs at really unorthodox and complex locations and to add to this, there is no more liberty to adjust the scenes as per the requirements that you have.

Especially for a beginner, the task is even more difficult and daunting as it takes time for a photographer to adjust to the conditions. At such a crucial juncture, setting up the right exposure value is a very important prospect for you.

Now, some of you might be wondering that what is exposure value and how it affects the quality of image. The exposure value is the amount of light that has entered the camera lens which is a crucial feature in the image capture. The more sunlight that enters the camera lens more is the EV and better is the quality of the image.


Especially when you need to capture the image in different modes, the EV becomes even more important and you need to adjust the EV settings as per your image mode. The value of EV also needs to be modified based on the settings that you are capturing the image in and you can learn it through tutorial on aurorahdr.com. Especially in the outdoor photography that is integral for a wildlife photographer, you need to adjust the EV even more. Here is the different EV you need to set for different environments:

  • For night images, the EV needs to be around 9 to 10 for artificial lights and around -2 to -11 for natural light image capture. You can make the adjustments as per the amount of light that is able to enter the frame. For example, in the hills or the mountains, you may have to adjust the EV to another value as the amount of light that is entering the camera lens is affected by the distorted geometry of the mountains.
  • For sunlight capture, the value of EV needs to be around 12. The sunlight is deemed as the best possible scenario for an image capture and there is no any need to use the enhanced tools such as the flash or the ISO speed as ambient light is easily available on a sunny day.

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