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For a well-known and popular and trusted valve manufacturing company, GWC Valves needs to have a well-educated human resources team. Human resource management is the process of managing people in an organization. The tasks that the human resources management team does is hire people, retention of people, pay and perks setting, they also manage a company like GWC Valves’ performance. The whole point of having a human resource management for GWC Valves is so that they have high authority looking over them and making sure that everything in the company runs smoothly. The goal is to be able to constantly look and maximize profits. For the GWC Valves company. The HR experts in a company manage the relationship between fulfilling employee expectations and being able to achieve the management purposes. The major goal of someone who works in HR is to develop and manage the knowledge, skills, creativity, aptitude and their talent in order to put it to use. HR department is extremely important for a company like GWC Valves. It is important that the human resources team aims towards creating a sense of direction for the organization and making the employees feel like they have a purpose in the team and need to be here in order to maximize profits and production.

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GWC Valves International is a company that manufactures different valves that are seen to be of high performance and high quality valves for heavy machinery. The GWC Valves company has served customers in several industries including, power, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, exploration and production, and minerals/mining. HRM has several field and in industrial relations is aimed at having an effective relationship between the trade unions, being able to find a solution to a problem, understanding employee behavior, settling conflicts and collective bargaining. The HRM department also deals with the employee benefits, or employee perks and these benefits can include home or group insurance, retirement benefits, sick leave, vacation, social security, profit sharing, funding of education and other specialized benefits from the company itself. A big company like GWC Valves International needs to have a strong HRM team in order to succeed and maintain their number one position in their industry.

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