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If a company like GWC Valves decides to start selling their products or services online, they need to think of the kind of direct sales. Direct sales are one of the revenue models in e-commerce. There are several questions a company must ask themselves before choosing their direct sales method. Certain questions include What are you going to sell? How are you going to sell it? How are you going to deliver it? How are you going to accept payment? Do your customers need to log into your website? How will you communicate with your customers? You also need to figure out what you will be selling and therefore answering how many products do you plan to sell? What information are you going to display for the products? How are you pricing your products and whether you will have special offers or coupons? One-off fee for a product or a recurring transaction? Are you products unique or can they be purchased in multiples? Are you going to have an inventory stock of products? Are any of your products customizable?


Obviously for a company like GWC Valves, the type of products they will be selling include different kinds of valves and it will be targeted towards mainly businesses since the units are usually larger therefore so are the shipping costs. Most businesses that order for GWC Valves are also looking for bulk orders since it is usually used over a long period of time. The delivery is the biggest concern for a company like this since the products are physical goods, very heavy and can be large. Since the product is a physical good the questions you would then have to ask include, how large do the boxes have to be? If you can ship multiple items together? If they require any wrapping or additional padding? How will you deal with international shipping? The best way to keep in touch with clients for GWC Valves would be on social media and of course email marketing.

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