Guide to fixing the not working external hard drive

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The world of external storage devices such as hard drives and USB flash drives is slowly growing, becoming more reliable and affordable. Everyone could find such a device useful, not only because you have some extra storage space, but also because you can take a large amount of data from your PC or your work station with you anywhere. Sometimes, these devices, like any kind of technology, don’t work properly, or at all.


The Disk Management tool

When you see that your external hard drive not working, your first thought might to either repair it or replace it. You should not think that way. There are other factors that could determine if the problem comes from your drive or from other sources. Connect your external drive to the PC and if nothing shows up, you’ll have to check the Disk Management tool. In order to access this tool, you need to press Windows Key + R, and in the window that comes up, you should write “diskmgmt.msc“. You should find your device listen in that window, and if it’s not, it might get a little trickier.

Things that could go wrong

In case your device doesn’t show up in the Disk Management, there are 3 things that could have gone wrong: your USB port could not work, your driver is not up to date, or your external hard drive is dead. To find out which one is which, you’ll need to get over some steps. First, unplug the drive from the current USB port, and try plugging it into another USB port. If that worked, one of your USB ports doesn’t work and will need replacement. In case that didn’t work, it is a little more complicated. You’ll need to plug your device into another computer-don’t forget to check Disk Management on the other computer-and if that works, you’ll need to update your drivers. That may not work either, which would lead you to the final thought that your external drive is dead. There’s one more thing you can do before replacing your external HDD. In the Disk Management, try creating a new partition-don’t forget to give that partition a letter-for your external device. This action should happen automatically, but if it doesn’t, it could be a solution. This decides if your device is dead or not. Your other option would be to seek a professional to help you out.

In conclusion, many things can go wrong with technology, but if you know how to fix these problems, you’ll be able to save some money and your data.

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