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There is no doubt that the YouTube videos are most popular worldwide for their soothing and unique picture and sound quality. People are uploading most precious moments of their life like playing with kids, chatting with friends or celebrating birthday parties. Everybody wishes to capture these precious moments by downloading them. Here in this article you will get to know about how to capture YouTube videos on Mac. YouTube is addictive and fantastic at the same time, which provides you good visual information. Accessing these videos is impossible and therefore you can save these videos and view them later when are free.

If you type on Google about the methods of saving videos through Google then you will receive hundreds of articles but remain assured this is the most accurate article to save your videos on Mac.


Features of downloading videos

  • Download your videos from airy software and place it on your desktop that makes very easy and highly accessible video.
  • Copy and paste the YouTube link on the airy and choose the format you want to save and then click on the download option. Choose a format up to your usage needs whether you want to play it on your phone or on the larger screen. If you wish to download in mp3 format, you can do so.
  • You can paste the YouTube playlist on the airy and wait for a while parsing takes place. Once the parsing is over you can click on the save option for finally downloading it.
  • If you wish to download videos through web browser then you can also do with them freely such as chrome, safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Enjoy the latest videos with your family and friends. You have the advantage of downloading them and viewing them several times and thereby reducing the data usage.

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