Getting a Hoverboard scooter and make it Pink!

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In history pink was not always a feminine color, the color pink was once associated with boys and signified the unlimited amount of energy they exude. (Blue, meanwhile, was associated with girls because it reminded everyone of the Virgin Mary.) But this is no longer the case since pink now symbolizes femininity, and it has become a popular color for girls’ clothes, toys, and other things. Parents with baby girls decorate their nursery in pink, while those with older daughters surprise them with pink dolls and stuffed animals.


So, if you have a daughter, a niece, or a granddaughter, you can probably bet that she’ll ask for a pink hoverboard. This isn’t really surprising since hoverboards have become popular among kids, but it can be a challenging shopping experience for you since most self-balancing scooters in the market are usually sold in black, red, and blue. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult since you can easily find pink hoverboards online! Here are a few examples:

  1. Classic 6.5 inch Pink Hoverboard

This entry-level hoverboard has 6.5-inch aluminum wheels with rubber tires and can run as fast as 10.2 miles per hour (or 16km per hour). It measures 23 x 7.4 x 7.4 inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 230lbs, and it’s built with a certified premium lithium battery with 20 UL cells that have a 4,400 mAH capacity. This model comes with a hard plastic outer body encasement that’s painted in eye-catching neon pink, and it’s also available in metallic pink chrome.


  1. Bluetooth Lambo Pink Hoverboard

The Lambo hoverboard is a bit similar with the classic model in that it also has the same size wheels and the same size battery. The outer body casing that’s made of hard ABS shell as well. But it’s different from our entry-level hoverboard in that it can reach speeds of up to 11 mph (or 18 kmph), making it a slightly faster model. It also has Bluetooth capacity (unlike the classic 6.5 inch wheel model), which means you can pair it with your smartphone and play your favorite songs while cruising down the road. The lambo board comes in pale pink, which is a huge plus if you like not into loud colors.

  1. 8.5 inch Bluetooth Pink Hoverboard

The larger wheel model is bigger than the first two models. It measures 23.9 x 8.9 x 7.6 inches and comes with 8.5-inch wheels that still have a built in motor and finished with rubber over the tires, and it can carry a maximum weight of 290lbs (or 132kg). Because of its bigger wheels and improved design, it can cruise as fast as 13mph, making it a great choice for speed-loving femals (or even guys!). Just like the lambo style 6.5 inch model, the 8.5 hover board has Bluetooth capabilities, so it’s easy to listen to your favorite tunes while playing in the park or rolling down the street.


If you already have a hoverboard but would like to turn it pink, you can get the a Hoverboard Decal in Solid Pink, which will turn your device into an attractive hot pink color while protecting it from dings and scratches.

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