G700 LED Flashlight Review: Is it really military?

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Since the realest of the latest update on the Tactical Flashlight the G700 LED Flashlight has had some controversy about whether it is military or not. The US army has not made the G700 Flashlight as the official flashlight of the army but they have confirmed that they have been using it in open battlefield.

Besides the US Army this flashlight has been used among the police department in several US Courtiers and it is recommended by any police officer who has used the G700 Flashlight.

What is the G700 LED flashlight?

The LED flashlight is a tactical flashlight that is made from the same aluminum that is used in making aircrafts. With the latest research conducted by theg700flashlight.com website, the flashlight has been marked as the brightest flashlight on the market. Although the tactical flashlight has been mostly used by the military, now it is available for a civilian usage.


G700 Specifications

Compared with the latest technology the G700 flashlight is considered to power itself after using all of the battery power, with over 700 lumens the G700 is the best flashlight currently available on the market.The G700 has 5 pre-set modes for any kind of situations: low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe. Also if you are wondering about the “G700” name, yes it comes from the 700 lumens.

Telescoping modes

The telescoping feature on this flashlight is one of my favorite the telescoping modes has5 different lengths. Here they are:

  • X1
  • X250
  • X500
  • X1000
  • X2000

If you are a huge fan of hunting or camping these features will definitely help you spot any kind of target or chase off any kind of danger in your 2000feet radius.

Battery Life Properties

The battery life feature besides the telescoping modes and the focus modes is the largest technology improvement on the flashlight with a rechargeable option. To activate the flashlight you need just 2 Double-AA batteries and you are set for the next 3 months if you use the G700 almost every day, but if you aren’t using it that often then probably you will get thru 6 months with only one pair of batteries.

LED Lamp Longevity

Although the battery life properties are extremely powerful the technology for Led lamp is consider to be very revolution considering the fact that the flashlight is only powered with 2 Double-AA batteries. The average lamp longevity is 100.000 hours, but the G700 tactical flashlight comes with a reserve led lamp.

Indestructible material

The tactical G700 Led Flashlight is made it an aircraft aluminum that is specifically designed for outdoor conditions designed to be resistant on low and high temperatures. The G700 is also a self-defense that can neutralize an enemy within 2000 feet radius.

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