Four Apps Which You Never Knew You Could Use Online

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Have you ever used and app and thought that it would be much more useful to you if you could use it in a web browser? Well, believe it not, there’s a good chance that you can! To help you get started on using your favorite apps in a web browser, here is a list of the top apps which allow it.


The world’s most popular messaging app is also available on your web browser. Not only does this allow you to leave your phone out of sight while still massaging your friends and family, but it is also helpful for typing long responses and sending multiple attachments.

There is a limitation to this service, however. After a quick scan of a QR code using WhatsApp, the online session will only work while both the web browser you are using and your phone are connected to the same wifi network.



That’s right! The app which serves you up your daily dose of cheap deals can also be accessed on the web. The Groupon Coupons page for See’s Candies is the perfect introduction to using Groupon on the web as you reward your new find with a sweet treat.

Unlike WhatsApp however, your Groupon details can all be accessed using a web browser despite your phone’s status. The Groupon website can also be accessed via a tablet, something which the WhatsApp web client does not currently support.


Yes, we know, (Facebook) Messenger is already included in the Facebook page using the chat option. But, this isn’t the web version we are talking about. Instead of making it obvious that you are browsing through your social media, Messenger offers its own dedicated website which is solely your Facebook Messenger inbox. While it still looks like a messaging client, it attracts a lot less attention as it doesn’t display your timeline or status updates.

Google Play Music

If you have an Android phone, then you likely use Google Play Music as your default music player. And while it does a fine job playing music from your phone when your phone is out of battery or the sound isn’t loud enough, it isn’t much use. Luckily, there is a web version ready to go. Just sign in with your Google credentials, and you have access to your entire database of music, ready to stream through the web browser.

Unlike regular streaming services, however, there is no cost involved using this method. The limitation, of course, is that you only have access to the music you previously installed on your phone.

When it comes to productivity, these four websites are sure to boost yours. But don’t stop here. The next time you get frustrated poking at an app on your screen, see if there is another way.

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