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‘Are you on whatsapp?’ is one of the most popular questions in present time. Everyone out there is on whatsapp and always looking for new friends to chat. Okay, before anything. Let’s do little homework. Whatsapp is one of the most prominent social networking platforms followed by twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Now, Whatsapp is owned by one of the richest tech-tycoons, Mark Zuckerberg and it is absolutely free to use. No matter, whether you are windows or android user, just go to app store and download the app and connect to the world of happiness and chit-chat. But remember to change its status from ‘available’ to ‘busy’ or ‘in a meeting’ now. Along with default Whatsapp statuses, you can also set your own status. Few popular whatsapp status categories are given below-


Funny status – feeling happy…? Let’s show to the world by changing whatsapp status. Nowadays, many people change their whatsapp statuses when they are happy. For example- if a person went to the marriage party and enjoys a lot they instantly change the status and put like ‘feeling happy’ and others. Along with this, if you are a funny person and have comedy skills then you can also use them in writing your funny whatsapp status.

Inspirational whatsapp status – Need motivation…? Just transform your whatsapp status with great lines of any leader or celebrity. Inspirational statuses always encourage you as well as your friends to keep chasing your dreams. In addition to this, if you have any great thought or idea, you can use it as your inspirational whatsapp status. Inspirational status can be of any good person, no matter, whether they are rich and popular or not.

Romantic whatsapp statuses – Are you in love and need a way to express it to your girlfriend then express your feelings via your whatsapp status. Yes, via whatsapp status you can easily express your feelings to any one from mother to girlfriend.

If you don’t have your own words to express your whatsapp status then no problem, you can search different whatsapp statuses over internet. Yes, over internet there are numerous websites and portals available from where you can select your whatsapp status according to your mood. From funny to romantic, you can find status of every type at such website. The best part of such websites is that no registration or money is needed for browsing different categories of whatsapp statuses.

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